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You can Provide a Viable Career Path for GAP Youth and Struggling Adults:

Do remember when you moved out of your parent's house? Maybe you were an independent 18-year-old with a great job and good head on your shoulders. Maybe you were 22 and had just graduated college. Whatever your unique story you likely had parents who loved you, supported you and were there in case of emergency so that you were able to succeed when life went wrong.


For children aging out of Foster Care, this is not their reality. Over the years we have witnessed the heartbreaking reality of young adults who struggle to make it when they "age out" of the system. Some are able to make it in college (statistically only 3% will graduate.) Yet the vast majority need viable career paths and mentoring along the way in order to avoid becoming a horrific statistic: 1 out of every 2 young men becoming incarcerated....homelessness, addiction, being a burden rather than a productive member of society, or worse, having children who then enter the foster care system and repeat the cycle.


Your Foster Care Tax Credit of $500 for individuals or $1000 for couples will help fund two vibrant programs to provide training in a viable career path:

GAP Kitchen Culinary Training Program began in 2017. It is open to the young adults at GAP who are preparing to age out of the foster care system. This intense 10-week 40 hour per week certification class includes life skills and financial literacy training in addition to top-level culinary training. The program is also open to adults coming out of incarceration, or those in addiction recovery or simply struggling to thrive. GAP graduated 19 students last year; 100% of graduates who sought employment are working at several highly-rated local restaurants such as Wildflower, Charro Steak, GRINGO grill+cantina, Senae Thai, and Sir Veza's.

These programs cost approximately $5000 per student. Will you partner with GAP to help more children, heal more families and bring hope to our community?

If you would like to come see all that GAP Ministries is doing, we would be happy to give you a tour and even treat you to lunch in the GAP Kitchen!
Contact us at or 520-392-8436

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More about GAP Ministries:

In 1999 the vision for GAP began in the homes of our founders, Greg and Pam Ayers. With a spare room and some extra space in the garage, they felt they needed to use what was already "in their hand" (a spare room and food) to impact the hurting in our community.

In the early years, GAP was a single, family-oriented group foster home run out of Greg and Pam's home, utilizing a family-model where (in addition to CEO and Executive Director) they were "mom" and "dad" to 8 abused and neglected foster children. Greg and Pam also began a small redistribution project out of the garage that allowed them to provide food and other necessities to churches and community-serving non-profits.

19 years later GAP has grown tremendously and continued to faithfully serve the community in three core areas: Children, Family, Community.


CHILDREN: GAP cares for close to 400 foster children and teens annually in 12 family-model group homes (called SPLASH Homes) throughout Tucson. Siblings are able to stay together while in care due to the larger size of our homes and children are given love and support through the stability afforded within a family model. This child-focused, love-filled environment permeates everything we do so much so that over 100 Arizona foster children have been adopted internally by GAP employees- including founders Greg and Pam who adopted 4 of their children out of foster care. Teens and young adults are given additional support to successfully "age out" of foster care through mentoring, job skills training and independent living programs.  LEARN MORE


FAMILY: GAP certifies foster parents in order to provide a safe environment for children removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. We also supervise court-mandated visitations between children and their families, and Parent Aide, with the desire that children and parents reestablish a healthy relationship while working toward reunification whenever possible. LEARN MORE


COMMUNITY: GAP's Community Impact Warehouse partners with Good 360, local organizations and over 35 local non-profits in order to redistribute fresh food and basic needs items to over 4,000 families weekly. Over 759,000 pounds of produce and perishable items are distributed annually throughout the community by GAP's partner nonprofits and churches. Southern Arizona nonprofits that serve the marginalized annually receive over $836,000 worth of hygiene items, paper goods, cleaning supplies etc. from GAP's warehouse. GAP Culinary Training Program provides on the job training to young adults or others who are in need of a second chance; students increase their marketability while giving back to the community by preparing meals for thousands of low-income, at-risk children, the elderly, and families throughout Pima County. LEARN MORE


Diversity Statement: GAP Ministries serves all children and others in need, with a diversity of religions or none at all because we strongly believe children are a blessing and deserve to be treated with love, respect, and dignity. Being faith-based means that we live out our belief system which calls us to lead lives full of love and compassion, helping those in need with specific attention paid to the orphan and the widow.

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