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GAP's Community Kitchen feeding program invites students and their families to enjoy what might be the only warm meal they share with their children all day. It is more than food; it is the warmth of the volunteer who hands them an extra slice of bread, or sneaks them a few apples for breakfast the next morning. It is the fuel they need to go home and finish their homework without grumbling bellies. It is one less thing for these struggling parents to think about as they strive to create better lives for their children.

78% of the students we serve are living at or below 130%of the poverty level, or $31,525.00 or less for a family of four. Over 40%of the children we serve are only fed a hot meal at school. These are very young children (5-10 years of age), unwitting victims who would likely go to bed hungry otherwise.

Through GAP's Community Kitchen, we serve warm nutritious meals to at-risk elementary students at six Flowing Wells schools every day of the school week. Last year we averaged 1,000 meals per week at 6 elementary schools. This fall we plan to nearly double that amount as we add two schools in the Amphi School District and add services in some of the neediest schools.

How can you help?


Volunteers are needed at each of the 6 Flowing Wells elementary schools. The time commitment is just a little over 1 hour/week: 4-5:15 pm one night a week for just a couple of months.
We could also use volunteers to help us load the food onto the vans from 3-3:30 pm, or to drive the box truck between 2:30-6 pm.
Our volunteer coordinator will work with you on your scheduling abilities. So little time makes such a big difference in the lives of children


Even if you don't have time to volunteer, you can still help. From big items to small, everyone can help a little bit!

We desperately need a new van to deliver food to the schools. The kitchen is always in need of items such as new cutting boards, knives, etc. Or maybe you could help with supplies - in just drinks alone, we go through 1000 chocolate milk cartons each week at $.30 each, or $300/week.

On your financial donation indicate that you would like it to go toward our School Feeding Program. If your business would like to help or you know of sources for donations to offset our costs, please contact

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