Now part of the                    Family

GAP Ministries is excited to announce that miracle center is now a part of the GAP Family of Ministries. By joining together, we believe we are increasing our effectiveness in providing needed programs and releasing hope in the lives of all those we serve. Many of those currently served by GAP Ministries have struggled with the same life issues as those served by Miracle Center. Together we are stronger and can partner to provide for needs across the board that can build up and heal hurting men and women.

About Miracle Center

A heart where mercy resides… where lives are regenerated, families are restored and minds are renewed.

We have the honor of walking with our participants through their journey to their best days. With God’s intervention and the tools they receive at Miracle Center, their pain turns to joy, their lives transformed and families often restored.

Miracle Center offers a solution that will not only affect people living here today in a positive and encouraging way, but will also create a better Tucson for generations to come.

Miracle Center is an effective ministry whose fruitfulness has given testimony to the work that is being done here. We cannot accomplish the work that we do without the community getting engaged. The running cost for this ministry is $1200.00 a month per resident, equaling $259,000.00 per year. We cover all of their cost of living: food, housing, transportation, clothing, and hygiene. 100% of the money you give to Miracle Center goes to supporting our residents, and every dollar you are willing to give, helps to advance the work that is being done at Miracle Center. Thank you for your generosity!


2861. N. Flowing Wells Rd. 85705


3029 N. Stone Ave

Tucson, AZ 85705


5527 E. Pima St

Tucson, AZ 85712